What is the Sao Sary Foundation?
The Sao Sary Foundation (SSF) was founded in 2006 to improve the quality of life for children and their families living in extreme destitution in Cambodia. SSF aims to develop educational support programs for children who are at high-risk of being trafficked.
SSF’s mission is to protect these children from all forms of violence, exploitation, and abuse including commercial sexual exploitation, human trafficking, child labor and child marriage.

Our Proactive Approach: A Focus on the Children
SSF takes a proactive approach by identifying high-risk children – particularly girls who are aged 10 or older because they face the highest risk of trafficking – and providing sustainable assistance to them and their families. SSF works at three levels – individual, family and village – with the goal of strengthening the livelihood of families and the social infrastructure of their communities to protect these children.

SSF educational programs strive to give children the means to attend and remain in school, thus building a foundation for breaking the vicious poverty cycle in the next generation.

SSF community development programs focus on assisting families develop income-generating small businesses that give them the means to earn an income, hence, removing the reason for families to be part of the human trafficking process.