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The assassination of Mr. Sao Sary, Vichetr Uon’s father, in 1998 was the spark for the cre- ation of the Sao Sary Foundation. Soon after that, Vichetr was supported by his Australian foster brother so that he could finish his uni- versity degree. Vichetr has worked in various International NGOs for almost a decade, the most prominent being Church World Service. Vichetr’s work have been well documented and recognized by numerous international or- ganizations due to its widespread and effective reach in the vulnerable and poor communities in Kampong Speu.Vichetr was recently chosen as a young leader to represent Cambodia in the Asia 21 Young Leaders Summit 2010.

SSF was founded in 2006 and registered as a non-profit with the national government in 2007. SSF is a youth-led, nonreligious, non- political, and independent humanitarian orga- nization.

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