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SSF’s mission is to protect these children from all forms of violence, exploitation, and abuse including commercial sexual exploitation, human trafficking, child labor and child marriage.

The assassination of Mr. Sao Sary, Vichetr Uon’s father, in 1998 was the spark for the cre- ation of the Sao Sary Foundation. Soon after that, Vichetr was supported by his Australian foster brother so that he could finish his uni- versity degree. Vichetr has worked in various International NGOs for almost a decade, the most prominent being Church World Service. Vichetr’s work have been well documented and recognized by numerous international or- ganizations due to its widespread and effective reach in the vulnerable and poor communities in Kampong Speu.Vichetr was recently chosen as a young leader to represent Cambodia in the Asia 21 Young Leaders Summit 2010.

Our Proactive Approach: A Focus on the Children
SSF takes a proactive approach by identifying high-risk children – particularly girls who are aged 10 or older because they face the highest risk of trafficking – and providing sustainable assistance to them and their families. SSF works at three levels – individual, family and village – with the goal of strengthening the livelihood of families and the social infrastructure of their communities to protect these children.
SSF educational programs strive to give children the means to attend and remain in school, thus building a foundation for breaking the vicious poverty cycle in the next generation.
SSF community development programs focus on assisting families develop income-generating small businesses that give them the means to earn an income, hence, removing the reason for families to be part of the human trafficking process.

Global Colors, Groundwork Opportunities, Stop Kindermisbruik, The Greyman, Singapore International Foundation are among our highlighted partners from 2006 to 2018.

SSF was founded in 2006 by first son, (Vichetr Uon) of Mr. Sao Sary in late 1997 and registered as a non-profit with the national government in 2007. SSF is a youth-led, nonreligious, non- political, and independent humanitarian organization.

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