You can live without money

1. Poverty has been reduced from 47 percent in 1993 to 30 per- cent in 2007. However, a third of Cambodians still live below the national poverty line (2,473 riel or US$0.61).1
2. Eighty percent of the population is rural. Of the total poor, 92 percent live in rural areas.

3. The inequality levels have risen dramatically. The Gini Coefficient (which measures inequality – zero being perfect equality and 1 being absolute inequality) has moved upwards from 0.35 in 1994 to 0.40 in 2004 and 0.43 in 2007. As a recent trend, inequality has increased not only between rural and urban areas, but also within rural areas. Rural inequality rose from 0.27 in 1994 to 0.33 in 2004 and climbed again to 0.36 in 2007.
4. Twelve percent of households, or 1.7 million individuals, were food insecure and most of these households were affected by increases in food prices.

5. Cambodia is among the 36 countries with the highest burden of child under-nutrition and one of the 33 “alarming” countries for levels of hunger and under nutrition.

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